Trust Fund

DDPR Trust Fund

As a means of facilitating the implementation of the settlement agreements concluded through Conciliation proceedings at the DDPR and the Awards issued at the Arbitration proceedings at the DDPR, the DDPR under the Authority of the Minister of Finance, established the DDPR Trust Fund in 2007.

It is under the Trust fund that the DDPR becomes the custodian of the monies agreed upon or awarded under the DDPR resolution processes. Either the Settlement Agreement or the Arbitral award shall have stated the amount of money to be paid to the deserving party and such monies shall be paid into the trust fund account, whose details are provided below.

A Debtor / Payer must deposit the awarded monies of the beneficiary/payee to DDPR Trust Fund Account Number. The reference must be the name of the beneficiary / payee.

After depositing the monies into the DDPR Trust Fund Account, the debtor/payer must furnish the Directorate with the following documents;

1. Prove Of Payment (POP)

2. Settlement Agreement / Arbitration Award

NB # Payments are only made through the bank.

DDPR Trust Fund Account Banking Details
Account Name
DDPR Trust Fund Account
Account Type
Current Account
Account Number
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Branch Code
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