Legal Instruments

DDPR Legal Instuments

The DDPR is largely governed by the provisions of the Labour Code (Amendment) Act 2000. However, it has other legal instruments that guide it in the performance of its functions and mandate as follows:

  • Labour Code Order 1992
  • Labour Code (Amendment) Act 1995
  • The Labour Code (Amendment) Act 1997
  • Labour Code (Amendment) Act 2000
  • Labour Code (Directorate of Dispute Prevention and Resolution) Regulations 2001
  • Labour Code Labour Code (Codes of Good Practice) Notice 2003
  • Labour Code (Conciliation and Arbitration Guidelines) Notice 2004
  • Annual Labour Code Wages (Minimum Wages) Orders.
  • All the other Labour Laws applicable in Lesotho.


N.B Most of the above instruments may be obtained at a fee from the Lesotho Government, Printers, Industrial Area Maseru