Governance of the DDPR

Governance of the DDPR

The Labour Code (Amendment) Act 2000, under Section 46A, established the Industrial Relations Council (IRC) consisting of:-

Members of the IRC are appointed by the Minister responsible for Labour and Employment, after consultation with the Employers and Trade union representatives in the National Advisory Committee on Labour (NACOLA).

The IRC members’ term of office is three (3) years.

Industrial Relations Council (IRC)

The IRC advises on the qualifications and appointment of

  • It makes recommendations to the Minister on rules for conciliation and arbitration proceedings, code of good practice, mode collective agreements and guidelines on conciliation and arbitration.
  • Advice on the tariff of fees for part-time Conciliators and Arbitrators and
  • Make recommendations to the Minister for the improvement of dispute prevention and resolution.


The IRC has to report annually to the Minister on the state of dispute prevention and resolution in Lesotho and has to table the report before the National Advisory Committee on Labour (NACOLA).